Junior School Head’s Blog 02 September 2019

What a lovely break the summer was with the full juxtaposed range of weather for us to enjoy (or endure!).  Thankfully the dream I had on the first Saturday of the holiday, during which I woke up to discover that the summer holiday had ended, did not come true until now!  I trust that you had some wonderful family time together wherever you ventured in the world.

And here we are again, after a slightly slower pace of life, at the start of yet another academic year – another chapter in life’s exciting adventure!  For many of us it will be a return to the familiar but for others it will be a trip into the unknown.  Please be assured that we will be on hand to answer any of your queries or concerns should they arise.  There are plenty of people to ask and your questions can usually be answered very easily.  I should remind you, if you are new, that your Friendly Contact will also be able to reassure you and talk you through any questions you may have.

I look forward to welcoming you all (both children and parents) back on Wednesday 4 September, in clean and neat uniform (all clearly named), raring to learn and eager to get on with the challenges of the coming year.  Your children should return home with tales of an exciting, yet tiring day, clutching their new planner.  Please use this to communicate with us and remember to initial it every evening to show that you have seen what has been written down.

Year 6 Parents – please note that the children will be doing Games on the first day back and will therefore need their kit in school.

We welcome Miss Taylor to the Girls’ Sports staff who will be with us for this year, covering Miss Hayman when she leaves to take her maternity leave at half term.  A little later into the term our new School Secretary will begin and to help you with the transition we have replaced the old Mrs Smith with a new Mrs Smith!  Mrs Joanne Smith will start with us on Monday 16 September so until that time, please bear with us as the office will be manned single-handedly by Mrs Mayfield.  I hope that both new members of staff settle well and quickly feel part of the Junior School team.

There will be several communications especially over the first week or so; please make it a priority to read them carefully as they contain important information.  We tend to send letters via email, but also post important information on the Parents’ Information Board which can be found by the children’s entrance to the Junior School.  If you think you may have been missed for some reason, please contact the Junior School Office who will be able to quickly rectify the situation.

I also use this, my blog, to remind you of events that are due to take place.  It is usually published on a Monday so please use it as a point of reference, especially if you are not able to visit the school site as regularly as you might like.  This is emailed out to parents on Post Modern and will quickly become a highlight of your week!

Thank you to all those new parents who have filled in and returned the transport form for their children – this will prove enormously helpful to us at the end of the first day as they make their way home.  If there are any changes to transport arrangements, albeit just for one day, please communicate these in the planner as young children can often become confused when plans are changed.

Although this will be a short week for the children, be prepared for them being very tired by the weekend.  In the meantime, enjoy the tranquillity of home!

Mrs J Rex

Head of Junior School