School Catering

School Catering

Bedford Modern School provides well balanced, healthy and appealing food using seasonal, fresh ingredients from local suppliers and is provided by Holroyd Howe.

Holroyd Howe’s commitment to Bedford Modern School is that:

  • 100% of the meat and 85% of the fruit and vegetables comes from UK sources
  • Eggs come from RSPCA Freedom Farm Assured sources only and are certified with the Red Lion Quality mark
  • Milk is produced by Red Tractor accredited farms
  • No fish on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species are used and all their suppliers are prohibited from sourcing ‘At Risk’ fish.
  • All fresh bakery products are made on site or by local bakers close to the School.

We work closely with Holroyd Howe on developing our catering offering to meet the changing needs of both pupils and parents alike. If you have any questions regarding school lunches, please contact

School lunches are charged termly in advance and take into account the overall expected catering costs and anticipated pupil numbers requiring lunch for the whole year, apportioned to reflect different term lengths.  Activities and trips which take pupils away from School on some days of the year have been factored into these costs and so refunds are not given for missed meals.  Lunches are not provided on the last day of each term.

We also offer an ad hoc lunch option for those who prefer to take only the occasional School meal which is charged termly in arrears based on the number of lunches taken.  The chargeable rate is lower for those who choose to pay termly in advance because of the greater budgeting certainty it provides the School, and this remains the preferred choice for the majority of pupils.

If you wish to cancel or change your child(ren)’s School lunch option please email Please note that six weeks’ term time notice is required to cease School lunches but no notice is necessary to take up a School lunch option.

We are currently providing a lunch service which is close to normal but there are a number of changes that we have had to make to ensure we comply with the guidelines around Covid-19. Whilst we have created some more seating space to ensure we maintain sensible social distancing, we know that to manage a complete lunch service in the time we have available is still a challenge and will require some amendments as we get up and running.

The changes that students will experience are as follows:        

  • When students arrive they will no longer be picking up their own cutlery, tray and napkin.  This will now be handed to them by a member of our staff or the teacher on duty
  • Apart from the sandwiches there is no more self-service at lunch times.  All main food and desserts will be plated by a member of staff and then the plate handed to the student
  • The kitchen team will be working behind screens where possible and will be wearing suitable PPE
  • The salad counter has been withdrawn to avoid the risk of transfer of the virus
  • Pasta and jacket potatoes will be available from all counters to help speed up service
  • There will be a reduced menu to help speed up service
  • Students will be directed to an allocated seating area to ensure year group bubbles are maintained.

Whilst this is not ideal, it does mean that we can continue to provide a lunch service which we all recognise is an important part of the School day. Let’s hope we can get back to normal in the not too distant future but as with many things at present, our plans are subject to change depending on changes in the prevailing guidance.