Academic Year 2019 – 2020

Tuition Fees

Junior School £10,074 per year
Senior School
£13,821 per year
Sixth Form
£13,821 per year

Registration Fee
Payable by parents for each pupil on first application (non-refundable) £100.00

Acceptance Deposits
Payable by parents for each child on acceptance of a place £500.00 (payable by Bank Transfer) (see Harpur Trust Terms and Conditions for information on how and when the Acceptance Deposit may be refunded) Additional Deposit (payable by parents/fee payers who reside overseas) £3,500.00

Optional Extras

Lunch Charges
Autumn Term 2019 £251.10
Spring Term 2020 £214.65
Summer Term 2020 £210.60

Music Tuition
Half Hour Lessons £29.00 each
Twenty Minute Lessons £18.92 each

Hire of a school instrument
Full size, per term £50.00
Half size, per term £25.00

Dance Lessons (per lesson)
Junior School Ballet/Modern Dance £9.00
Senior School Modern Dance £10.10
Paired Ballet/Tap £14.15
Individual £21.00

Speech and Drama Lessons (per lesson)
Group £10.65
Paired £16.80
Individual £26.90

After School Care
Per Session £4.25


Open Events