Academic Support

Academic Support

Bedford Modern is committed to ensuring that all pupils fulfill their academic potential. Naturally, this means that some pupils require extra academic support in light of any educational provision they would benefit from.

The school has its own specialist Academic Support department which works with pupils requiring extra support and guidance. Separately, the school also has specific academic enrichment coordinators that work with those who are particularly gifted academically, and information about this provision can be found elsewhere on the website.

The Academic Support department has its own base at the heart of the Senior School, while our younger students are taught exclusively in their own area within the Junior School. These centres allow pupils to work with specialists to supplement their learning, in a dedicated space that provides a calm and private area in which to work. We use a wide variety of resources such as software programmes, structured phonics, reading or spelling schemes and games. These are constantly being evaluated and updated to ensure pupils benefit from the most up-to-date educational pedagogy.

Some children arrive at BMS with difficulties that have already been diagnosed; other children are identified through our rigorous and consistent screening processes and subsequently assessed by one of our own Specialist SpLD Teachers. We aim to identify students as early as possible and continuously monitor pupils’ academic progress to identify anyone who might need extra guidance: this ensures that the most appropriate support is put in place and that appropriate learning strategies are developed as quickly as possible. Some students may additionally be referred to our own linked Speech & Language therapist or to outside agencies such as an Educational Psychologist.

Some of our students have Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) such as dyslexia and dyspraxia and need the additional support which our department is able to provide. We offer students from Years 3 to 13 individual or small group sessions with one of our four experienced and well-qualified Academic Support staff.

Once children have been identified as having a Specific Learning Difficulty or an area of need, we produce Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in conjunction with parents, staff and students. Teachers tailor their lessons to those with specific learning needs to allow all pupils to make excellent progress. Lessons may also be delivered individually or in small groups according to a student’s needs in the Academic Support department.

Self-esteem is vital for a student’s success, so close links with parents play a key role in ensuring that the students we support feel happy, confident and secure. We liaise with parents, form tutors, Heads of Year and Heads of Faculty on a regular basis to ensure that concerns can be discussed and shared at the earliest possible opportunity. We aim to recognise progress and successes for pupils too, and provide a supporting and aspirational framework within which all pupils can succeed.

If you would like further information about the Academic Support Department please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01234 332210 or email Laura Hendry: