Outdoor and Adventurous Education

Outdoor and adventurous Education

The benefits of Outdoor and Adventurous Education in youth development are well understood.  Here at Bedford Modern School we seek to utilise these benefits in order to develop our students by exposing them to new challenges, new skills, that all contribute to building confident, resilient young people, helping to build physical courage and encouraging a year group wide esprit-de-corps.  The benefits of Outdoor and Adventurous Education are such that we believe every student should experience them.

The foundation of the programme is at Year 7 and 8.  A week of the Academic timetable is given in the summer term to each year group to complete their Outdoor and Adventurous Education session.  By the end of the two weeks, over two summer terms students will have turned their hands to sailing, canoeing, climbing, mountaineering, orienteering, camping and have conducted at least one expedition to name but a few of the activities involved.  For many it will develop an understanding of the wider environment and for some it will start a lifelong love of challenge, the outdoors, and a curiosity to explore.

The Adventure Weeks comprise a careful blend of activities and providers to ensure all get the best from them.  Bedford Modern School has a long standing relationship with our activity providers who are carefully chosen.  We work closely with the Bushcraft Company and the Outward Bound Trust who provide our core programme that are the right fit for the School and our students.  These programmes are tailored to complement the educational ethos of the School.

Year 7 Programme

This is five days duration and takes place in the Summer Term.  It comprises a three day residential element with the Bushcraft Company and two single day activities (Sailing, Canoeing, Raft Building, High ropes and orienteering) in the local area.  It seeks to build a stronger year group during the first key year in the Senior School.

Year 8 Programme

This is six days duration centred at the Outward Trust Centre in Aberdovy, Wales and takes place during the Summer Term.  During the week the Outward Trust use the medium of the outdoors to develop team work, courage, confidence and resilience (among many other Skills).  The week is themed “Challenge by participation”.  During this week students will turn their hands to multiple activities including canoeing, hill walking, climbing, high ropes and all will take part in a two day overnight expedition.   It is the Year 8 experience that is most often mentioned as a real highlight of a student’s time at BMS by our 6th form leavers.

Year 9 and beyond

From Year 9 and beyond students can take part in a variety of adventurous activities within the co-curricular.  These include the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award Scheme and a number of adventurous themed school trips such as skiing, water sports and mountain biking.

Here at Bedford Modern School we have a great belief in Outdoor Education and its value for the developing child. The benefits are well documented and can help create a more balanced, confident individual, supporting an enhanced classroom performance, better relationship building and assistance in furthering later ambitions.