Outreach is about the awareness of local, national and international community needs and our desire to make a difference. It has many facets, all of which draw inspiration from our outreach philosophy.

Through Outreach and its numerous related activities, both academic and co-curricular, we value the contribution that each member of our community makes to the whole and recognising the mutual respect and co-operation that we have for each other and for those in the broader community.

We firmly believe in tolerance and justice in our world and seek to encourage and promote this through Outreach.

The whole school community, of all ages are encouraged to develop their awareness of charitable actions and the impact that giving freely of their time and effort can have on others.

"“There are so many opportunities to pursue at BMS. I love the atmosphere and the freedom of choice it gives you. I was a member of the Outreach Committee and we planned a variety of events such the Senior Citizen Drop-In, as well as supported charities throughout the year by fundraising or volunteering.”" OBM Pippa Edge (2006-15)

We embrace the personal development of every student through teamwork as well as the encouragement of individual endeavour as we respond to others in the world.

Students aim to achieve a balance between the academic and social life of the School, whilst recognising the need to reach out beyond the school to the wider community locally, nationally and globally.

We value the local environment and seek to raise awareness of environmental issues in relation to energy, recycling, transport, global perspectives, bio-diversity and healthy living.

Furthermore we aim for an openness and accessibility in order that our collective talents, expertise, knowledge and facilities can benefit others with time and care being central to our philosophy.

In summation, Bedford Modern School seeks to develop the integrity and compassion of its students in a genuine belief that in seeking to help others, we can become better citizens of the world.