Senior School

The Senior School is a supportive and vibrant community of more than 720 students aged 11 to 16 years.

Our success is based on:

  • A balance of teaching techniques to ensure that students remain interested, challenged and inspired
  • A nurturing of young talent within a framework of individual pastoral care
  • A flexibility and breadth of subject choices at all ages.

Teaching staff are qualified specialists noted for their positive commitment to our students’ interests. All departments are located in excellent accommodation and well-resourced with generous provision of materials and equipment.

Students belong to caring year groups of below 100 and 150 students, which are then sub-divided into smaller tutor groups of 20. Every student has a personal tutor who supervises and takes an interest in their academic progress, co-curricular activities and sporting interests. Every year group has its own common room for use at non-taught times with a study area and recreational facilities.

We believe that common sense and courtesy lie at the heart of pastoral care. We stress self-discipline and high standards of personal conduct. We aim to provide a relaxed but purposeful environment; a culture in which all feel at ease and are ambitious to achieve their best.

Parents are an integral part of the consultative process and we welcome regular contact between parents and tutors. There are Parents’ Evenings annually for each year group and less formal contact is always encouraged.

All parents receive regular reports on their child’s progress. All students are attached to one of six Houses and compete for the House Trophy, which involves around 50 events over the whole school year. The Houses are run ‘for the students by the students’ and events are themed around the performing arts and intellectual and creative challenges, as well as team, individual, minor and water sports. Everyone takes part and there are many opportunities for students to develop their organisational and leadership talents.

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