Co-Curricular at BMS

Co-Curricular at BMS

Junior School

The co-curricular clubs and activities that are on offer in the Junior School are many and varied, ranging from sport to craft, through to music and academic reinforcement. Each member of staff offers at least one club on a weekly basis and these occur on a fixed day of the week. However, they do vary from term to term.

In the Junior School every student is attached to one of the four Junior School Houses: Kaye, Liddle, Poole or Taylor. This provides a competitive incentive in games, conduct and work.

Students participate in a wide variety of activities throughout their time at the School. Pursuits range from Chess Club to Gym Club and there are many activities and societies that operate during lunch times and after school.

Visits from travelling theatre groups, field trips, joint activities with other local schools and excursions to museums all assist in developing students’ personal and academic interests, as well as broadening the range of experiences that begin to shape their young lives.

Senior School

Our students’ school experience is enriched at each stage by the provision of an extensive range of co-curricular opportunities.

The Outdoor Opportunities programme is a comprehensive and integral introduction from Years 6–8. This can play a vital role in the progress of every student in developing independence, new skills and taking responsibility. It leads to a variety of opportunities from Year 9 onwards including expeditions to Europe and a biennial remote expedition to developing nations.

Another option from Year 9 onwards is the Combined Cadet Force. Students can choose to join the Army, Navy or RAF sections. Cadets are trained in specific military and survival skills and are given significant opportunities for sport and outdoor adventure training.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is another option from Year 9 which is non-competitive and open to all on a voluntary basis. There are three levels of attainment: Bronze, Silver and Gold each of which has four sections – Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Expedition.

In the Senior School and Sixth Form students are members of one of six Houses who compete annually for the House Trophy, involving around 50 events over the school year. Sporting, artistic, dramatic and musical activities operate on both School and House tiers and more than 60 non-sporting clubs and societies operate in the Senior School.

A Community Service Programme is a fundamental part of school life and includes ongoing voluntary work, fundraising events, the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party and Youth Action who have organised charity football tournaments to raise money for autism and homeless charities.

"“There is no doubt‎ that a lot of the success I have had in my career has been down to my time at BMS. Participating in Drama events taught me about public speaking, playing sport taught me about personal resilience, teamwork and leadership and the academic side taught me all about critical analysis and communication.”" OBM Dom Boom (1985-94), People Director at Virgin Media

School Trips

Outdoor and Adventurous Education