Pastoral – Senior School


At Bedford Modern School, our community is based upon respect, good manners and fair play. We are committed to providing a safe and caring environment that is free from disruption and has a calm and purposeful atmosphere so that every one of our students can develop their full potential.

We expect our students to treat members of staff with courtesy and co-operation so that they can learn in a relaxed but orderly atmosphere. All students should care for and support each other.

Every student will be in a tutor group of approximately 20 in Years 7-11. Tutor groups meet for registration and pastoral sessions every day. The tutor is the main point of contact for students and parents should there be a problem and is someone the student should build a positive relationship with.

BMS provides common rooms for every year group. They greatly assist in the fostering of good, healthy relations between all students, and encourage a sense of community and year identity. These are well equipped with TV, video and stereo systems. Table football, pool, and table tennis are provided as a result of requests from the students themselves. We are aware of the need for quieter pursuits and provide appropriate areas for this purpose.

There are integral staff offices for the heads of year and tutors. Lockers are provided, some placed within the common rooms. There are work places and seating that is comfortable, hard wearing, and appealing – encouraging students to have a pride in their surroundings and to feel that their common rooms are a welcoming environment.

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