CCF at Bedford Modern School


The CCF within the School has existed since 1863 and is a voluntary youth organisation, the aim of which is to provide an opportunity for students to exercise responsibility and leadership in a disciplined environment. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence but is in no way engaged in any form of recruitment.

Year 11 and Year 13 CCF HMS Ocean Trip 2015 

Today the CCF contingent is a vibrant, inclusive youth organisation for pupils aged between 13 and 18, offering significant developmental opportunities through the use of military-orientated and adventurous training with a 40/60% weighting respectively. Cadets also have the opportunity to develop their sense of responsibility and the qualities of self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance and a sense of service to the community. The acquisition of these personal attributes at this formative stage will remain of value throughout the cadets’ lives and will be relevant in whatever career they pursue.

“I’m really proud to have won this award as the competition was tough, testing leadership skills, tactics and reactions under pressure as well as physical strength.The weekend was a fantastic success for the entire team and as section commander I was really proud of their commitment. It was a great experience and gave us all an opportunity to put into practice what we have learned.”

OBM and Former Head Girl, Charlie Rex, winner of the Combat Cadet Competition

We are lucky enough to have all four arms of the Service within our Corps: Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force, with combined numbers in the region of 200 cadets, each section being open to all students and each having its own particular flavour and emphasis.

Year 9 cadets are enrolled into the CCF at the beginning of the Christmas Term where they join a new entrant training wing.   They enter into a 5 week training package giving them a taste of their chosen section and introducing them to the ranks, uniforms and customs of their Service, basic safe weapon handling, marching and basic leadership.   As well as this they will have the opportunity to experience an overnight field exercise aimed at introducing them to ‘life in the field’.  In the following terms there are many other weekend activities provided by each service.  Usually in the Summer Term the CCF conducts the highlight of the year, our annual camps.

Once fully enrolled into the CCF, cadets have the opportunity to attend hundreds of camps and courses, most of which are free or heavily subsidised ranging from RYA Sailing to Mountaineering; from leadership to Ocean Diving and from Engineering to Gliding, Flying scholarships and Skydiving.

The CCF is fully committed to the D of E Award Scheme and students in the CCF are  supported and encouraged to complete the various levels of the D of E award while members of the Corps .  Membership of the CCF will allow students to complete many aspects of their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards whilst conducting CCF activities, especially the Volunteering and Skills sections of the award at Bronze and Sliver and for Gold MoD leadership and adventurous training courses count as the Gold residential.  These courses are heavily subsidised by the MOD.  Membership of the CCF is an excellent method of completing D of E. In return for all that is offered we insist that cadets attend training after school every Tuesday between 1600hrs and 1730hrs throughout the year and take part in as much activity as possible. If you cannot commit yourself to this minimal requirement, then the CCF is not for you.