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The OBM Club, Bedford Modern School’s Alumni Association, was founded in 1892 to enable members to maintain and enjoy the friendships made in their school days and to promote the welfare and development of the School. All OBMs and former staff automatically become Club members.

The Club has more than 5,000 active members, who are kept in contact with their contemporaries through an illustrated magazine, Eagle News, which is posted twice a year. It contains (amongst other things) details of the Club’s social activities, news of the School, an obituary section, and ‘memory stir’, to which all OBMs are welcome to contribute. Advance details (and reports) of sporting events are also included.

Forthcoming OBM events can be found here, along with photo galleries of past events. 

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This short film provides a unique insight into the 1st VIII Bedford Modern School Boat Club training in June 1959 on the Great River Ouse.

This newspaper from Tuesday 26 July 1949 highlights Bedford Modern School’s triumph over Bedford School in the final of the Maiden Eights at the 86th Bedford Regatta.

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