Old Bedford Modernians

The OBM Club, Bedford Modern School’s Alumni Association, was founded in 1892 to enable members to maintain and enjoy the friendships made in their school days and to promote the welfare and development of the school. Students and staff automatically become members upon leaving the school.

We keep in touch with more than 6,000 active members in a range of ways:

  • Our alumni portal, The OBM Hub
  • Social media posts on Facebook and X (Twitter)
  • Regular emails with updates, news, event announcements and career opportunities
  • The annual OBM publication Eagle News
  • Our busy and varied calendar of events
Visit The OBM Hub

Some of the benefits to being involved with the OBM Club include:

  • Staying in touch with old friends and making new OBM connections
  • Access to career support, advice and mentoring from experienced professionals
  • Invitations to reunions, lunches and dinners, professional networking events and much more
  • Access to the School Archive, which holds records relating to the school dating back to the late nineteenth century

Visit our website, The OBM Hub, to sign up and make the most of being an OBM.

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