Bedford Modern School recognises the importance of a sound Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) programme to help prepare all its pupils for making important decisions that will influence their future education, careers and their role in the world of work.

We remain committed to the highest possible quality of Careers Education and Guidance, both vocational and academic at all stages of a student’s progress through the School from Year 7 onwards. The School endeavours to follow the guidance in The National Framework for CEG 11 – 19 in England and the QCA guidance on Work Related Learning for all at Key Stage 4

"The careers and higher education guidance, led by specialist staff, is greatly appreciated by the pupils." Independent Schools Inspectorate 2014

The School believes that all its pupils have an entitlement to a Careers Education and Guidance curriculum which develops coherently throughout their time in the school; which encourages them to identify, develop and use their talents and abilities unhampered by stereotyped attitudes which is underpinned by unbiased information and advice. It should be specific to each individual student but broad enough to enable them to make informed choices between employment, vocational training and higher academic qualifications at the critical transition stages of 16 and 18+.

Our principles may be summarised as follows:

  • Whole School guidance
  • Entitlement for all, meeting individual needs
  • Access to information and skills to use it
  • Impartiality
  • Flexibility to cope with change
  • Equal opportunities
  • Co-ordination/continuity

Our delivery and content is agreed between the Head of Careers, Deputy Head (Pastoral) and Heads of Year. Delivery is during Tutorial time and at certain dedicated sessions as required. Evaluation of practice is ongoing.

Resources are constantly reviewed and updated. There is full support from the Head Librarian who maintains the career library. The computer packages are maintained by the IT Department.