Register Online

Register Online

Registration for September 2022 entry is now closed.

To register your child, please complete the form below.

As part of the registration, we will ask you to upload the following documents, which you may wish to locate in advance.

  • A copy of your child’s full birth certificate (the version which names parents)
  • A passport-style photo of your child

Please be aware that you are unable to save progress to return at a later date, so should complete the form when you have all the relevant information to hand. We recommend that you complete the form using the Google Chrome or Edge browser.  Please also note that we are unable to accept payment by American Express for the registration fee.

Please complete this form in as much detail as possible. We need this information to be able to process your application for a place for your child. Information which is mandatory for you to provide is indicated below by a *.

In addition to the Registration Form applicants to the Sixth Form will also need to complete the Sixth Form Entry form here. Please complete and return this to

If the ‘Registration and Payment’ form has not loaded above this line, or if you experience any other difficulties, please email: or call 01234 332690 / 332659

Alternatively, an application form can be downloaded below.

How we will use the information provided in this form

This information will be used by the School during the admissions process in order to manage and assess your application and your child’s suitability for a place at the School.

For example:
a) we may contact your child’s current or previous school to ask for a reference;
b) we may ask for information about other schools to which you are applying because they may hold their entrance
exam on the same day as ours;
c) we may contact other people with parental responsibility to check that they consent to your child joining the School;
d) the confidential information will be used to ensure that we have made any reasonable adjustments/suitable
arrangements for your child when they visit the School or during any entrance assessments and subsequently if they
are offered a place; and
e) we may share your information with credit reference agencies.

We may also need to share information with UKVI as explained above. If your child is not offered a place, or if you do not accept the offer of a place, we will only retain this information for as long as we need to.

For more information about how the School will use your information, and your child’s information, please see our pupil privacy notice and our parent privacy notice. Both of these documents can be found here. If your child is aged 12 years or older please show him / her a copy of the pupil privacy notice and discuss it with him / her.

The completion and return of this form does not constitute any binding agreement upon you or The Harpur Trust.