Junior School Head’s Blog 09 September 2019

How lovely it was to see all the children return to school smart and enthusiastic last week.  I hope that you, as parents, are quickly settling into your routines too, especially if you are new to BMS.

This will be our first full week of school and we will be encouraging the children to familiarise themselves with their new work routines.  This should include a time set aside for Prep to be completed at home as the sooner this is established the easier it will become.  They will very quickly become used to what is expected from them and you should notice a growing confidence over the next few weeks.

You will all have received a letter (during the summer holiday) via email detailing the clubs available this term.  These are free of charge (with the exception of Skiing) and give the children a very wide range from which to choose.  There are many signing up lists on the Clubs Noticeboard for them to complete. Please encourage them to join at least one club; this could be a lunchtime club if they have a long bus journey home each day. Once the after school clubs are up and running please also ensure that you arrange to collect your children from the Junior School Foyer, especially as the dark nights will soon be with us.

We have several Parent Information events taking place this week.  This is an opportunity for current parents to come and find out what is being delivered in the core curriculum throughout the coming term, the trips the children are taking and a reminder about our drive to keep parents informed of progress etc.  A letter was sent last week detailing the times of each event but as a reminder they take place at the following times;

Monday        6.00 – 6.45pm       Year 3

Tuesday       6.00 – 6.45pm       Year 4

Monday        6.45 – 7.30pm       Year 5

Tuesday       6.45 – 7.30pm       Year 6

Finally, you will now have hopefully established a collection routine for your children. If for any reason you are delayed and arrive much later than expected, the children have been told that they must return to school where we will look after them in After School Care until you arrive. Please reiterate this with them at home so that they understand this protocol. I would also urge you to programme the ASC and the Out of Hours mobile numbers into your phones, in case you need to use them. These can be found in your child’s planner.

Advanced warning that the children will be having their individual and class photos taken on Monday 16 September. Smart uniform and combed hair is the order of the day!  Those who have more than one child in the Junior School will be contacted about sibling group photos, but if we inadvertently miss you out please contact Mrs Mayfield in the Junior School office.

Here’s to another busy and successful term.  It certainly seems to be starting as it means to go on!

Mrs J Rex

Head of Junior School