Modern Foreign Languages

French, German and Spanish

Faculty Aims:

In our teaching of Modern Foreign Languages at BMS we aim to:

enable the student to understand the spoken and written forms of the language in a variety of registers

enable the student to communicate confidently and clearly in the language through both the spoken and written word, using increasingly accurate, complex and varied language

offer insights into the culture and civilisation of the countries where the foreign language is spoken and encourage first-hand contact with such countries or communities

develop an awareness of the nature of language and encourage positive attitudes to language learning

provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation

to use relevant and up to date software and websites to make the teaching and learning relevant and exciting for today’s adolescents.


In addition to large teaching rooms, we have smaller rooms available for use by the Foreign Language Assistants and a computer room for MFL students to use in class time to access the online language sites.

The IT resources available to Years 7-9 are:

Linguascope (all three languages)

Zut! (French)

Gut! (German)

Olé (Spanish

Languages Online (all three languages)

Quizlet (all three languages)

The IT resources available to Years 10-13 are:

Kerboodle (all 3 languages and students have a personal login and passwords)

ThisisLanguage (all 3 languages and students have a personal login and password)

We have four Foreign Language Assistants (FLAs) in French, German and Spanish who help prepare the students for their speaking exams at GCSE and A Level and who use a variety of authentic websites to promote the languages.

Years 7-9 Curriculum

The Year 7-8 students from January 2020 will use the new courses Dynamo 1, Zoom! 1 and ¡Claro! 1. Years 8-9 will continue with Studio 2 and 3, Echo 2 and 3 and Mira 2 and 3. The aim of the KS3 French, German and Spanish courses is to foster a love of language learning by practising the key skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing of familiar, relevant topics and to give the students a basic grounding in grammar including the present, past and future tenses.

GCSE Curriculum 

The AQA course in French / German and Spanish is studied by all students who choose to take an MFL as their core language.

French curriculum

German curriculum

Spanish curriculum

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

There is a bi-annual trip to Parc Astérix for Years 7-8 in French and a Year 9-11 trip to Paris; an annual exchange to Bamberg in Germany for Y9-13 and a bi-annual trip to Spain for Years 7-11.

For French Gifted and Talented (G&T) students there is a debating competition at the Perse school in Cambridge; the Spanish FLA from South America run a G&T extension club for Years 9-11 on a South American country.

For Years 10-11 in French / German / Spanish there are GCSE lunchtime Support sessions.

There is a French club once per half term offering cultural eating activities, films, celebrations and games to all students Years 7-13 who are either bi-lingual, who have a particular interest in French.

Results in all GCSE and A Level languages are consistently very good (50%+ of student achieve grades 7-9 in all MFLs at GCSE and 100% grades A-C at A Level) and the students’ experiences in a recent survey were very positive.