Modern Foreign Languages

French, German and Spanish

Faculty Aims:

  • To encourage more independent learning by students in their own time in the Faculty
  • To make all language learning fun
  • To plan regular co-curricular trips and experiences in all departments in the Faculty Years 7-13.
  • To continue to encourage teaching and learning in a way which encourages different learning styles and modern methodology.
  • To encourage healthy living, compassion for others, enquiry and open discussion of relationships through the curriculum taught in the Faculty


  • The Faculty has access to Chrome books which can be used in any MFL classroom with any year group.
  • LC1 is a specific IT room in the Languages area with 27 pcs for whole class use for Years 7-13
  • LC5 is a specific IT room in the languages area with eight PCs for Years 12-13 and external A Level examination use

The IT resources available to Years 7-9 are:

Linguascope (all three languages)

Zut! (French)

Gut! (German)

Olé! (Spanish)

Languages Online (all three languages)

Quizlet (all three languages)

The IT resources available to Years 10-13 are:

Kerboodle (all 3 languages and students have a personal login and passwords)

ThisisLanguage (all 3 languages and students have a personal login and password)

We have four Foreign Language Assistants (FLAs) in French, German and Spanish who help prepare the students for their speaking exams at GCSE and A Level and who use a variety of authentic websites to promote the languages.

Years 7-9 Curriculum

The Year 7-8 students from January 2020 will use the new courses Dynamo 1, Zoom! 1 and ¡Claro! 1. Years 8-9 will continue with Studio 2 and 3, Echo 2 and 3 and Mira 2 and 3. The aim of the KS3 French, German and Spanish courses is to foster a love of language learning by practising the key skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing of familiar, relevant topics and to give the students a basic grounding in grammar including the present, past and future tenses.

GCSE Curriculum 

The AQA course in French / German and Spanish is studied by all students who choose to take an MFL as their core language.

French curriculum

German curriculum

Spanish curriculum

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

There is a bi-annual trip to Parc Astérix for Years 7-8 in French and a Year 9-11 trip to Paris; an annual exchange to Bamberg in Germany for Y9-13 and a bi-annual trip to Spain for Years 7-11.

For French Gifted and Talented (G&T) students there is a debating competition at the Perse school in Cambridge; the Spanish FLA from South America run a G&T extension club for Years 9-11 on a South American country.

For Years 10-11 in French / German / Spanish there are GCSE lunchtime Support sessions.

There is a French club once per half term offering cultural eating activities, films, celebrations and games to all students Years 7-13 who are either bi-lingual, who have a particular interest in French.

Results in all GCSE and A Level languages are consistently very good (50%+ of student achieve grades 7-9 in all MFLs at GCSE and 100% grades A-C at A Level) and the students’ experiences in a recent survey were very positive.