Departmental Aims

As a department we aim to encourage pupils to become both independent learners and creative thinkers through the world of computerised technology. The schemes of work we have in place aim to develop student’s core ICT skills.  Students gain knowledge in a number of key areas ranging from the use of Microsoft office applications, html programming, website design and the use of Adobe suite software. Students also get the opportunity to design their own on screen animations.  All projects are designed to challenge and engage the students to create ICT solutions to key tasks and problems. Our intent is for students to have a deeper understanding how ICT is used in their everyday lives.

Years 7-9 Curriculum Summary

As a core subject, all students will study ICT through to Year 9.  They can then opt for the GCSE computer Science course that will build upon their knowledge and understanding of computer based problem solving and system builds.  Students will use Python programming in Years 7- 9 which lead well into the GCSE course. ICT involves students in a range of projects such as web site creation, programming, animation, graphics and film making as well as an in-depth familiarity with the Office applications. Our aim is to produce confident, sophisticated and experienced users of ICT with a high level of digital literacy.

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

Skills and enthusiasm are further developed in after school Programming club, which runs twice a week. Here all pupils have the opportunity to learn programming, game creation and App development using a variety of languages, including Python, Scratch, Javascript, Java and C#.

GCSE Curriculum

AQA GCSE Computer Science is offered as an option at GCSE, where there are normally two groups having three lessons a week. This course leads nicely onto the AQA A Level Computer qualification.

We aim to produce confidence and digital literacy in all pupils during the timetabled lessons, and then to provide the opportunity for those who have developed a passion for some aspects of ICT to be supported to pursue that in co-curricular sessions.

AQA GCSE Computer Science is a mathematically grounded subject where students embark upon an exciting journey through programming and computer systems with an assignment in Year 11 involving students creating their own programs.  Students learn the importance of computational thinking which underpins all computer systems as well as getting an appreciation for computer hardware.

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

Regular support sessions run during lunchtimes and after school.  There are also opportunities for the students to be a part of the robotics club and to develop their knowledge of programming languages.