The Mathematics Department consists of nine full-time and one part-time members of staff.

Mathematics is a compulsory subject throughout Years 7 to 11, and a well-subscribed subject in the Sixth Form.

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Years 7 – 11

In Years 8 – 11 the subject is set by ability across the whole Year Group. Timetabling considerations do not allow this in Year 7, where the teaching is organised in two groups of three sets. In the Sixth Form, Maths appears in two option blocks in both Years 12 and 13, and the groups here are again set by ability. There is also a Further Maths group, timetabled across both option blocks.

Entry into the School includes a mathematical assessment. For Years 7 – 10 there is a 45 minute entrance test, followed up by interviews for borderline candidates.

Examination specifications followed are:

GCSE EDEXCEL International GCSE 4MA1 for all groups with two terminal exams at the end of year 11.

FSMQ OCR Additional Mathematics 6993 (for top set students only, sat at end of Year 11).