Departmental Aims

Physics looks to explain the universe around us, from everyday experiences to interactions on the smallest subatomic and largest astronomical scale. As a department, we aim to prepare students for exam performance whilst expanding their horizons and imparting some of the passion we have for the subject. All of this takes place in our Science Centre, providing outstanding facilities for the physicists of the future.


  • Our Science Centre was completed in 2017 to the highest of specifications, providing an outstanding facility for teaching and learning. The Centre includes three specialist Physics laboratories alongside general Science laboratories
  • All laboratories are fully stocked with practical equipment to experimentally investigate the theory being covered. Further equipment is held in our two preparation rooms to provide an interactive core to lessons. Our full-time technician ensures the smooth running of practical activities
  • Six full-time Physics specialist teachers have a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to push each student to fulfil their potential.

Years 9-11 GCSE Curriculum 

Students follow the Edexcel IGCSE Physics course across three years of study, beginning in Year 9. All units are covered in every year, consolidating previous ideas whilst building to new conclusions. There is a strong theme of practical work throughout the course, to initially discover or verify physical relationships. All units contain a core practical in each of the three years as we look to develop students’ experimental and analytical skills.

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

  • Weekly drop-in support sessions are held.