Combined Science

Combined Science

Departmental Aims

  • To instil and develop a love of Science for students of all abilities
  • To provide a safe environment for students to learn essential practical skills
  • To provide a suitable foundation for further scientific learning in Year 9 and beyond
  • To teach students how to become independent learners.


  • The Science Centre provides the perfect environment for our students to flourish
  • Eight of the 17 laboratories are specially designed for the teaching of Combined Science
  • Three full-time technicians are available.

Years 7-8 Curriculum

Combined Science is a two-year course which aims to inspire students to develop their scientific skills, knowledge and understanding. At the end of every unit (roughly every four weeks) there is a test and students are given time to consolidate their understanding before each test. This is a hands-on, practical based course that provides a suitable foundation for further scientific learning in Year 9 and beyond.

In Year 7 the topics covered are:

  • Laboratory safety
  • Apparatus and scientific skills
  • Cells
  • Acids and alkalis
  • Forces
  • Reproduction
  • Solutions
  • Electricity
  • Investigative science
  • Research topic.

In Year 8 the topics covered are:

  • Food and digestion
  • Heating and cooling
  • Atoms and elements
  • Respiration
  • Compounds and mixtures
  • Light
  • Sound and hearing
  • Investigative science
  • Research topic.

Investigative science is taught within the context of each topic.

The research topic is encouraged to be in any area of science that is beyond the confines of the National Curriculum. Some suggestions for ideas include:

    • How do footballers and Physics make a ball swerve?
    • Why is Mount Everest so tall?
    • Is interstellar travel possible?
    • Why do your knuckles pop?
  • FOOD
    • What if the world went vegetarian?

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

  • Weekly Science Club – a chance for students to explore experimental activities beyond the scope of the curriculum. Members are also invited to attend a school trip at the end of the year
  • Science Fair – in the summer term students are invited to work together in groups on a project of their choosing which is often beyond the scope of the curriculum. They then have the opportunity to present their work to teachers, students and parents during an evening session in the Science Building. There is support available throughout the whole process.