The OBM Club, Bedford Modern School’s Alumni Association, was founded in 1892 to enable its members to maintain and enjoy the friendships made in their school days and to promote the welfare and development of the School. All former students who are 16 years of age and older on leaving school automatically become Club members.

The School took over management of the OBM Club in January 2016 and the revised arrangements were summarised in a Memorandum of Understanding which is reviewed every three years.

The OBM Club President for 2019-2021 is Robin Wills (1960-69) who, for the first time, was elected to this honorary position in an open vote by members of the OBM Club.

We keep in touch with more than 6000 active members in a range of ways:

  • Social media posts
  • Regular electronic newsletters
  • The bi-annual publication, Eagle News
  • Our busy and varied calendar of events

We encourage members to be actively involved and enjoy welcoming former students and staff to BMS throughout the academic year and hearing about their news and success.

The OBM Club increasingly plays an important role in helping both OBMs and current students to access career advice and support. The Club runs a regular programme of professional networking events and utilises our diverse and inspiring network by organising work experience and mentoring.

Please get involved and take advantage of being a member of the OBM Club.

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