It is our aim at BMS to enable each student to develop, within their capabilities, the mathematical skills and understanding required for further study and training, for adult life and enjoyment. We also aim to provide students with such mathematical skills as may be needed for their study in other curriculum areas.

In general each child is helped to develop, as far as possible, their appreciation and enjoyment of Maths and their realisation of the role which it has played and will continue to play in the development of science, technology and our civilization. There are extensive Maths resources used to support learning in the Junior School.

Maths in the Junior School consists of:

  • Galore Park scheme of work
  • Work with numbers, shapes, measures and problem solving
  • Tables and mental arithmetic are practised and assessed continually
  • Target Maths is used as an alternative resource.

It is the policy at BMS to follow the National Curriculum with all classes in the Junior School, basing the work on the objectives for the school year above.