Design Technology

Design Technology

The purpose of Design Technology at Bedford Modern Junior School is to enable students to be inventive in designing practical solutions to problems and to bring about change and improvements in existing situations.

In Design Technology ideas are conceived, developed, modified and given shape through artefacts, through which original ideas can be evaluated.

Year 3 and 4

Students will develop and reinforce skills and concepts needed for:

  • Study of materials such as paper, thick card and fabric
  • Cutting and joining techniques
  • Projects based on the National Curriculum Key Stage Two programme
  • Skills involving a small range of hand tools, increasing in range in Year 4
  • Design planning, drawing and recording on external resources.

The projects undertaken are linked with topics studied in other areas of the curriculum.

Year 5 and 6

Students will continue to develop and reinforce previously introduced skills and concepts and will be introduced to new techniques and materials.

The work covered includes:

  • Materials such as card, paper, fabric, wood and plastics and exploring their properties
  • Developing skills involving hand tools, sewing machines and a number of power tools under supervision
  • Addition of time frame and three-dimensional recording to project planning.

Items that students make include:

  • Photograph frames
  • Trinket holders
  • Pneumatic monsters
  • Vehicles
  • Shoebox bedroom
  • Adventure playground
  • Sports bags
  • CAMS
  • Gear models
  • Bridges
  • Clocks.