Drama lessons in the Junior School are an opportunity to have fun, perform, develop confidence, learn transferable skills and study many other drama techniques and skills. They encourage collaboration and co-operative working.

Lessons take place once per cycle and are 50 minutes in length (25 minutes per week in Year 3). They are built around themes and topics which may last from 1 to 3 sessions. Each lesson usually includes a whole class warm-up activity, some individual, paired and small group work and opportunities to perform and appraise and reflect on other performances

Skills and Techniques in Drama

Through the exploration of each theme or topic many drama conventions are gradually introduced.  These are developed as pupils move through the School.  They include:

  • Drama games and mime
  • Still images and freeze frames
  • Thought tracking and conscience alley
  • Meetings and debates in role
  • Hot seating and improvisation
  • Vocal work and Physical Theatre
  • Develop clear characters
  • Learn transferable skills
  • Stage short fables


In addition to the performance aspect of each Drama lesson, pupils often perform to the rest of the school in their Class Assemblies. All pupils take part in the Junior School Christmas production, with Year 6 pupils auditioning for main parts. In the Summer Term, pupils are invited to audition for a part in a staged play/musical.