English is used across the whole curriculum, so is not restricted to those periods of the timetable to which it is allocated. All lessons contain opportunities for developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Our pupils have access to fantastic English Resources.

Speaking and Listening

The pupils are encouraged to:

  • Use standard English
  • Speak clearly
  • To wait for their turn to contribute.
  • Develop listening skills through oral comprehension
  • Pose relevant questions and respond sensibly to what they hear

Drama lessons also reinforce the development of pupils’ confidence in speaking clearly to an audience.

Reading and writing

The teaching of these two activities is complementary and the pupils’ learning of both is thereby reinforced. Pupils are taught:

Reading skills through phonics and word recognition

Grammar and punctuation aid both reading and writing and are closely inter-linked

Pupils are introduced to planning techniques to note ideas on plots, characters and settings

Story composure using the framework guide


We encourage good spelling. We use a spelling scheme which develops good spelling habits and knowledge of sounds.