Humanities consists of History, Geography and Religious Education. There are 8 lessons per cycle. All 3 subjects are taught as separate topics by the form teacher to ensure greater continuity and control over the learning and language skills of the children in their class.

The children learn about different cultures both throughout the ages and in modern times and about their environment and the world around them.

From Years 4-6 children are encouraged to develop a more independent approach to their learning and complete a project in addition to the topics taught. Pupils are tested on their knowledge and skills gained at the end of each topic. Learning is supplemented with a wide range of Humanities Resources.

Year 3 Topics

Ancient Egypt; Early People

Bedford and the Immediate Area; Weather


Year 4 Topics

Romans; Anglo Saxons; Vikings

The UK and British Isles; Rivers

Individual project: UK

Introduction to Sikhism and Islam

Year 5 Topics

Ancient Greece; Tudor Monarchs; Life in Tudor times

Map Skills; Climatic Extremes

Individual project: Tropical Climate

Hinduism; Christianity

Year 6 Topics

Victorians: Britain since 1930 (Social History)

The Environment