PE and Games

PE and Games

Physical Education

During their time in the Junior School pupils are introduced to a wide range of activities designed to enhance their skill development. This enables them to progress through more complex physical activities and develop a good knowledge and understanding within this part of the curriculum.

The following activities are taught in PE: Functional Movement, Ball Handling, Striking/Racquet Skills, Gymnastics and Athletics. As the pupils progress through the Junior School they consolidate the skills they have learnt and learn how to perform them under pressure. This allows pupils to progress into the Senior School having maximised their abilities; with many having a strong foundation in physical literacy and sporting competence.


In Years 3 and 4 pupils enjoy 1 afternoon of games and 1 key skills lesson per week. In Autumn Term games, boys start with Tag Rugby in Year 3 which progresses to contact. Football is played in the Spring Term and Cricket in the Summer Term. Girls play hockey in the Autumn Term, netball in the Spring Term and cricket in the Summer Term.

For boys and girls in Year 3 there is a focus on increasing skill development; player understanding and knowledge of rules and tactics. In Year 4 to assist with this development, there is an increase in the number of opportunities pupils have to play in School teams.

In Years 5 and 6 pupils enjoy on average 3.5 lessons of games per week. The Autumn Term is dedicated to rugby for boys and Hockey for girls and as in previous Year groups Football and Cricket are played by boys in the Spring and Summer Term’s respectively while girls play Netball and Girls Cricket.

Throughout the Junior School pupils are set according to their ability and with expert coaching and constant monitoring there is much scope for movement.

Specialist sport coaches in rugby, football, cricket and netball are employed and work closely alongside our own staff to maximise the potential of all pupils especially those who are most able.

Co-Curricular Activities

A variety of sports clubs and squad training sessions run before, during and after School. In addition to the School teams (Rugby, Football, Cricket for boys and Hockey, Netball, Cricket for girls) having extra training sessions outside of the curriculum, other clubs are also provided. These are: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Dodgeball, Tennis, Swimming and Table Tennis.

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