Departmental Aims

  • To ignite curiosity regarding the various causes of human behaviour.
  • To develop understanding of how society makes decisions and the role of psychology in contributing to the economy and wider society.

A Level Curriculum

Studying Psychology offers students the opportunity to learn core scientific psychological knowledge and develop theoretical and practical skills valued by Higher Education and employers such as critical analysis, independent thinking and research.

The study of Psychology contributes to students’ broader understanding of scientific, ethical and social issues. Thus, it develops an appreciation of the variety and complexities of the human condition. It promotes understanding of self and others, and challenges previously acquired perceptions.

We follow the AQA (Specification A) syllabus focussing on social influence, memory, attachment, psychological approaches, psychopathology and research methods in Year 12. We then go on to look at issues and debates, relationships and schizophrenia in Year 13.

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

  • Twilight Support Sessions led by Mrs Woodhouse on Wednesdays in the Wilden Room
  • Lunchtime Support Sessions are led by Miss Kelly in T32 on Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes, and at other times by appointment.