Departmental Aims

  • To inspire students to study Economics as both an A Level choice and as part of their future higher education and career
  • To allow all students to meet their full potential in their A Level examinations through excellent teaching, resources and support throughout the course
  • To provide students with in-depth economic knowledge and theories to help them understand and develop their own views on current economic issues
  • To provide a range of opportunities for students to stretch their knowledge beyond the A Level specification.


  • Lessons will be taught by four full-time teachers who are all subject specialists, with a variety of real world experience to draw from
  • The Head of Subject is an experienced external examiner for Edexcel and has written a range of published resources for Hodder Education. This allows all students to benefit from the most up-to-date and comprehensive set of resources and assessment materials, as well as focused examination advice
  • All rooms are equipped with ICT, including digital visualisers to enhance teaching and learning of all classes.

A Level Curriculum

We are a Sixth Form only subject and study the Edexcel Economics (A) course in Year 12 and 13. This covers the following areas as part of the linear course:

  • Theme 1: Introduction to Markets and Market Failure
  • Theme 2: The UK Economy – Performance and Policies
  • Theme 3: Business Behaviour and the Labour Market
  • Theme 4: A Global Perspective

Students will take two internal examinations at the end of Year 12 covering Theme 1 and Theme 2. As the course is linear, the students’ final A Level grade will be based on the following three external examinations in Year 13:

  • Paper 1 (35%): Markets and Business Behaviour (Themes 1 and 3)
  • Paper 2 (35%): The National and Global Economy (Themes 2 and 4)
  • Paper 3 (30%): Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (All Themes)

External examinations will be assessed using a variety question styles including: multiple choice, short answer questions, calculations, data response questions and essays.

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

  • Economics Society: These are run at lunchtimes for Years 11-13 to look at current issues and theories beyond the scope of the A Level Economics course
  • Economics Competitions: Students enter the IEA Budget Challenge each year. In 2022 the school finished joint second in the National Finals. Students also have the opportunity to enter a range of essay competitions, and have made UK finals in the last two years. Students also have the opportunity to enter a range of essay competitions, such as the RES Young Economist of the Year, for which a BMS student was a national runner up in 2016
  • Twilight Support: This runs every Tuesday between 4pm and 5:30pm in the Wilden Room to help support students with Economics. This complements the support students receive from their teachers on a day-to-day basis.

"“I always had an instinctive desire to work in finance, I liked the idea of working in a hugely important industry with the scope to do many different roles within it. BMS allowed me to be curious and identify what I enjoyed the most. I believe BMS gives everyone the opportunity to be well rounded both academically and in extra-curricular areas, something that all employers really look for.”" OBM Robbie Hyde (1999-2010), Associate at Coutts & Co.