Departmental Aims

To inspire students to cultivate their understanding of the world they live in and engage them with the contemporary issues facing us as a society.


  • Our humanities rooms provide a fantastic panorama of Bedford and the Rural-Urban fringe.
  • Dedicated teaching staff.
  • Rooms have whiteboards, globes, displays, speakers and overhead projectors.
  • We have access to 24 Chromebooks for research.

A Level Curriculum

We follow the CIE A Level course which has ten modules. The course is a mixture of old and new themes.

The more traditional topics include:

  • Hazards, Population, Settlements, Coasts, Globalisation, Rocks and Landscape, Hydrology, Migration, Economic Geography and Atmosphere.
  • Assessment is through both short answer questions and longer essays. There is no coursework element in this subject. Two teachers will provide support throughout the course.
  • Fieldwork forms an essential part of the course because it provides both in depth case study material about specifically selected sites: a major ingredient in achieving a top grade and practical experience using investigation techniques. Trips are arranged during the course including a visit overseas. We have recently visited Northamptonshire, Bedford, London, and a sixth form visit to Iceland.

Co-curricular, Enrichment, Extension and Support

Geography drop-in is a non-compulsory session where students from GCSE to A-level can come along help with specific areas of the course.


This is an essential part of the course, and all students are encouraged to participate. Field trips are arranged during the course of the year including a visit overseas.