The ethos of the Faculty is to offer students an opportunity to learn, improve and perfect basic skills in the early years at the school. As the pupils progress through the school the syllabus broadens and allows a degree of specialisation in a number of sports.

Pupils, particularly the Sixth Form are able to pursue an interest in a sport of their choice, having had the opportunity to select a sport in which they have received a ‘basic grounding’ it is envisaged that their choice of option will be based on a reasonable understanding of the skills and techniques involved.

Whilst the ethos of the Faculty is to offer an increasingly broad based syllabus from which all pupils can experience some enjoyment and success, the need to maintain the highest possible standards in school representative sports is clearly recognised.

Bedford Modern School has a long and proud tradition in a variety of sports. Our teams boast particularly fine records over the past years with Rugby Union, Rowing, Netball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Water Polo, Association Football, Athletics, and Equestrian gaining many successes at regional and national level. Success in all of these sports has resulted from quality coaching and a considerable commitment from both the pupils and staff involved. Everyone associated with representative school sport at BMS continually strives to maintain and improve upon this success that promotes the name of Bedford Modern School.

The Faculty runs a number of major events in the year including numerous festivals, tournaments and sports days.  The sporting year culminates in our annual Sports Awards Evening which recognizes and celebrates our achievers.

To ensure practitioners are able to concentrate on teaching and coaching, the Faculty has two full time sports administrators.  Their responsibility includes organizing all fixtures, transport, catering and officials, procurement, calendar and database entries as well as fielding enquiries and providing the day to day administration support necessary to run a highly effective and efficient faculty.