PPE Society

PPE Society

This year, the world has been changing beyond all recognition, not only due to the pandemic but with the UK leaving the European Union at the end of the year and the dramatic US election in November. Therefore, it is more important than ever for students to be given the opportunity to discuss and debate the issues around us.

Each year the PPE faculty recruits representatives from all the different subjects, along with a chairperson, for the PPE Society. These students will then help put on a range of events, including the annual PPE Dinner and regular PPE Debates, along with clubs, societies and competitions for the lower years.

Despite the challenges the coronavirus outbreak has brought for BMS as a school, it is pleasing that the popular PPE debates are still a mainstay on the school calendar. They are slightly different: masks are worn, only one year group can attend and the Howard Hall was needed to ensure appropriate social distancing. However, the passion of the debaters and the involvement of the audience are as strong as ever.

The debates have ranged from whether LGBT relationships should be taught in primary schools to whether it is more immoral for a government to enforce a vaccine than those who refuse to take it. I have no doubt that 2021 will provide a plethora of topical issues that we are not even aware of yet and the PPE Society is standing by help students debate and make sense of this changing world we all live in.

Mr P Davis
Head of PPE


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