Parents’ Association Make Junior School Trim Trail Possible 22 November 2019

The BMS Junior School Student Council (JSSC) joined forces with the Parents’ Association to realise their vision of a Trim Trail for the Junior School Playground. The project was completed over the recent half term break following more than two years of fundraising and planning.

The JSSC suggested the Trim Trail in early 2017 after a period of research conducted by the students. The children pitched the idea to Mr Tate and Mrs Rex in which they emphasised the health and wellbeing benefits of the equipment.

Funding came partly from charitable fundraising initiatives in the Junior School and partly from the generosity of the Parents’ Association. Since we installed the new equipment, students in the JSSC have created a rota for the Trim Trail’s use and a list of rules to be followed.

Chair of the Parents’ Association, Gordon Dickman, visited BMS today and commented: “We were delighted that the students came up with this brilliant idea themselves and were more than happy to support it. We are always keen that money raised via the Parents’ Association benefits as many BMS students as possible. Seeing the students using it today, I can see that it is already proving popular.”