Welcome to Open Day 2020

Welcome to open day 2020

In normal times staff and students alike would be really looking forward to welcoming you in person to the school campus, showing you the facilities and talking to you about why we think BMS is such a special place.

Instead, we have tried to replicate a little of that experience in this online event using Zoom. While it can never be the same, we really do hope you enjoy your visit.

The events can be accessed here:

Junior School – can be accessed here (meeting opens 9am on 07 November)

Meeting ID: 817 9162 9785
Passcode: 033478

Senior School – can be accessed here (meeting opens at 10am on 07 November)

Meeting ID: 817 9652 9825
Passcode: 422266

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, a participant guide can be downloaded below, and if you experience any difficulties, please contact a member of the External Relations team directly on 07585792183.

In order to participate in either event, it is important that you have the latest version of Zoom downloaded and installed on your device. This can be done simply by following the link here. This will allow you to move freely between the various breakout rooms when they are open.

How to get the most from your virtual visit

You will have the opportunity to attend both the Junior School and Senior School sessions today as we have staggered the timings to enable you to do this.

The Junior School event will begin with a live welcome address from the Head of the Junior School at 9am. This will be followed by a pre-recorded film in which you will meet some of our students and then breakout rooms will open, more detail on which appears below. The Junior School session will close at approximately 10.40am. If you would like to hear the live welcome address by the Headmaster, you will need to access the Senior School meeting by 10am when it will begin.

The Senior School event follows a similar format to the Junior School, a live address followed by a pre-recorded film in which you will hear from students and then the opportunity to speak to staff in a number of breakout rooms. The event will end by 11.45am.

Junior School

9am – Welcome address from Head of the Junior School
9.30am* – Breakout rooms open
10.40am* – Close

*timings are a guide only

Senior School

10am – Welcome address from Headmaster
10.35am* – Breakout rooms open
11.45am* – Close

Breakout Rooms

Junior School

Senior School


Although there will be representatives within some of the subject rooms who can talk about co-curricular life we have created the videos below to give you further insight into Sport, Music and Performing Arts at BMS.