Cooking and Wellbeing

cooking ANd wellbeing


Ellen McEwen

Ellen McEwen, teacher in the Biology Department at BMS, provides us with a masterclass on minced beef! Her detailed presentations provides anyone leaving home and cooking for themselves for the first time, with step by step instructions (and a plethora of tips along the way!) on how to produce a variety of at least eight delicious meals from one pack of minced beef. An opportunity to set yourself a cooking challenge maybe? The password for each video is: BMS.

Store cupboard essentials
How to freeze
Chilli con Carne
Cottage Pie

Pesto and Pasta Bake


Anna Smith

BMS teacher of Geography, Anna Smith, discusses mindset and how you can become more positive and develop a growth mindset.

Her presentation can be viewed here

Links and documents discussed in the video can be found here:

Podcast with Mo Gawdat and follow-up focussing on Covid-19 is here.
TED talk ‘The Power of Belief’
How to build a growth mindset (pdf)
Mindset Quiz (pdf)

Becky Woodgate

Becky, Head of Girls Sport, cooks up a healthy stir fry, showing you how you can make a cheap but nutritious meal at University.

Her presentation can be viewed here.

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