Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week with Hannah Tyers and Thomas Saunders 11 February 2021

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), we are highlighting the successes of two OBMs who have chosen an apprenticeship route in their career journeys: former Deputy Head Girl Hannah Tyers (2013-18) and former Head Boy Thomas Saunders (2008-19).

This is the 14th annual NAW, in which employers around the country hold events and connect over social media to recognise the diverse opportunities that apprenticeships can bring to individuals building their careers.

Hannah is in her third year of studying commercial management and quantity surveying with Walter Lilly, a company involved in both residential and educational construction. Her learning takes place mostly onsite, which she feels benefits her studies greatly. Speaking of her decision to choose her apprenticeship, Hannah commented: “Full-time university was never something I had my heart set on as I didn’t like the idea of not earning money until I graduated. Instead, I applied for apprenticeships in the area I was interested in. I am currently part of the team working on the biggest project our company is involved in, worth circa £87 million.”

Thomas began his apprenticeship in rural surveying in 2019 with Berrys, a firm of chartered surveyors and valuers as well as property and business consultants. Similar to Hannah, being able to work and gain direct experience in his chosen industry from a younger age appealed to him. Speaking of his time at his company, Thomas said: “In my 18 months at Berrys I have assisted with compulsory purchase and compensation work, mostly on the subject of HS2. I have also helped draft grazing agreements, farm business tenancies and stocktaking valuations. Every day is very different, and you never experience the same day twice.”

Mr Smith, Higher Education and UCAS Officer at BMS, added: “Both Hannah and Thomas demonstrate the different pathways open to students at BMS and the importance of carrying out research to understand the range of routes available into specific occupations.

“Apprenticeships, and particularly degree apprenticeships, continue to grow in terms of variety and availability across a wide range of industries and government. I remember both students exploring both the apprenticeship route alongside applying to study at university to ensure that they had a choice of pathways once they left BMS.

“It is pleasing to see both enjoying their career choices and responding to the opportunities these apprenticeships have given them.”

This week, Hannah will be answering questions about apprenticeships on her company Twitter account, @WalterLilly1924.