BMS Students Victorious at AMSP Maths Feast 24 February 2022

A group of talented BMS mathematicians won the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) Maths Feast, held at Longdean School in Hertfordshire, on Monday 21 February.

The Maths Feast is a competition for Year 10 students, designed to challenge young mathematicians with several rounds of both recreational and traditional maths problems. On this occasion, fifteen teams of four participated from schools across the country.

Eight BMS students attended in two teams, along with their teachers Mrs Fisher and Mr Millar. The students were selected as they had previously demonstrated exemplary mathematical and problem-solving abilities. Dheethya, Afsheen, Jonathan and Dominic were the overall winning team on the day, even scoring an outstanding 100% in one of the rounds.

Jonathan commented: “I think we worked well as a team. In the fourth round the group was split in half, and each pair would not have been able to finish their problem without answers from the other.

“It was a really good day overall and a surprise to find out that we had won against such strong competition. I had fun and enjoyed doing some problem-based maths.”

Mrs Fisher, Second in Maths at BMS, added: “The students were really pleased to have won and the Maths Faculty are proud of their achievement.

“They are outstanding mathematicians and worked hard at the event, solving difficult problems together, checking each other’s solutions and justifying their methods.”