OBMs Live: The Theory of Happenings 12 August 2020

Dr Adam M Hill (1993-98), joins us at a particularly timely moment for our next OBMs Live event, to share his interest in the Theory of Happenings. Until Hippocrates requisitioned the term Epidemic to refer to the spread of disease, the Greeks applied it to anything that percolated through the population. Whilst no two epidemics are the same, there are common rules that can define them all, their spread and control. These rules, you might be surprised to learn are as common place in understanding the spread of fake news, as they are in controlling a global pandemic.

Wednesday 12 August | 6pm | Via Zoom

Please register to attend this event by emailing externalrelations@bedmod.co.uk. Places are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.