Funds for Bursary

Additional Funds for Bursary Provision

We are proud of the approach we take to offering support, where there is financial need, to students joining Bedford Modern School.

Our Bursaries are awarded on the basis of both the individual student’s potential and their family’s assessed need for financial support.

In the last round of awards, we were able to offer Modern Scholarships to twenty eight new students.  In all, some 75 students (about 6% of the School roll) currently receive financial support, representing an overall investment of around £850,000.

However, such is the success of the School in attracting talented boys and girls, the fact is that the demand from eligible applicants far outstrips the number of awards we are able to make.

Your donation can provide a predictable stream of new funds which will help us to increase our support for Bedford Modern Scholars in the future.