Junior School Staff List

Absence phone number

Junior School 01234 332513

Please find below the names of the Bedford Modern Junior School staff. Click on the name to send an email to the relevant contact.

Head of Junior School Mrs J C Rex BA (Hons), PGCE
Deputy Head of Junior School Mrs P S Pacyna BA (Hons), QTS
Director of Studies Mrs K Harpin BA (Hons)
Junior School Head’s Assistant Mrs K Smith
Head of Junior School Sports Development Mr T W Bucktin BSc, PGCE

Junior School Teachers

Mrs H S Avery BEd (Hons)
Miss J E Barlow BEd
Mr C Barrow BEd
Miss C A Coyne BA
Mrs M J Fox BA, PGCE
Mrs F Gale BEd (Hons)
Mrs K M Hale
Mrs M L Garton BA (Hons), PGCE
Mrs E M Hall BA (Hons), MusM, PGCE
Mrs J E Leydon BEd (Hons)
Mrs S J Nicholls BA, Cert Ed
Mrs M V Phillips BEd (Hons) 
Mrs C Toumazou BEd (Hons) 
Mr E A Warren BA, QTS

Administration Assistant Mrs C Mayfield
Learning Support Assistant Mrs H Draycott
Learning Support Assistant Mrs B Sehmbi
Learning Support Assistant Miss E Lewis 
Learning Support Assistant Mrs C Kirby