COVID-19: Guidance for Visitors

COVID-19: Guidance for Visitors

Bedford Modern School is currently closed to all visitors as we operate a phased return to school.

Our admissions team are currently working from home during normal office hours, including the school holidays, and are happy to answer any queries. They can be contacted, in the first instance, by email at


Phased Return to School

At Bedford Modern School we are implementing a phased return to school from 01 June 2020 until such time as all staff and students are safely back and we are operating in a fully open, safe and secure environment with no COVID-19 related restrictions in place.

This may take a number of months so a phased return will require patience, resilience and considerable effort to ensure the school environment is safe, at all times, during this transition. We recognise that:

  • Our core obligation is to ensure ‘so far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare of employees and the safety of non-employees’.
  • We hold the prime responsibility for ensuring the safety, first and foremost, of our students, but also and as importantly of:
    • Staff and volunteers
    • Parents and guardians
    • Guests and visitors
    • Contractors and delivery services.

Ultimately, everyone needs to know that Bedford Modern School is a safe environment in which to operate and learn.

The Phased Return to School Policy is based on the following school documents:

  • General School Risk Assessment.
  • Specific Risk Assessments for Departments, Year Groups, Classes and Activities.
  • Analysis and Planning Guidance.

The full policy and these documents can be found here.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.