Philosophy sixth


Are you naturally a deep thinker? Are you rarely satisfied with the answers and explanations you receive to your questions about the most profound issues of life?

Do you find yourself going on to ask more and more questions? Do you agree with Socrates who said ‘The unexamined life is not worth living?’ Are you interested in an intellectual challenge, a journey that will stimulate and stretch your mind? If so, you should seriously consider taking Philosophy at A Level.

The sorts of things we study include:

  • The Theory of Knowledge
  • The Philosophy of Religion
  • The Philosophy of Mind
  • The work of Descartes and Hume

This all sounds rather serious and clever, but we do have fun in the process. There is, of course, a misconception in the popular mind that Philosophy is only for the academic elite. This is not the case. Philosophy is an increasingly popular choice at A Level by a whole range of students, and all students who enjoy thinking for themselves gain a tremendous amount from studying it.