History is a well-established subject in the Sixth Form at BMS.  Results in recent years have been excellent with 60% of students in Year 13 obtaining grades A*/A, and 90% obtaining grades A*-B.

The course is constructed from the AQA specification.  It combines both early modern and modern elements, therefore meeting the requirement for all A-level History courses to have a chronological range of at least 200 years.  This has a number of benefits for students: it gives them the opportunity to study a period of History before the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, adding breadth to their overall historical understanding; and it also enables students to study modern History from an international perspective, which helps them to develop a clear understanding of the key issues in the world around them. 

Summary of Content:

  • Component 1C: The Tudors: England, 1485-1603 (Breadth Study) (40%)
  • Component 2Q: The American Dream: Reality and Illusion 1945-1980 (Depth Study) (40%)
  • Component 3: Britain and South Africa 1815-1910 (Historical Investigation) (20%)

Components 1 and 2 are assessed by examination and as Component 3 is coursework, it is assessed internally and moderated by AQA.  The examinations will contain a combination of source-based questions and essays.

Many students go on to read History or related subjects such as War Studies and International Relations at University.  More generally, History at A Level is excellent preparation for a wide range of degree courses and careers, particularly Law, Business and the Media.