Sixth Form French


There is no doubt that the knowledge of a foreign language is an asset in the jobs market as much of our trade is conducted with Europe, where French is spoken as the first language in four countries.

It is also widely spoken in North America, Africa and the Middle East, so fluency in French is a much sought-after skill.

The AQA specification is followed, where topics studied in Year 12 encompass media, popular culture, lifestyle and healthy living and family and relationships.

In Year 13 the areas covered are the environment, multicultural society and contemporary social issues. There is also a cultural topic, which can include the work of an author, dramatist, poet, film director, architect, musician or painter from a French-speaking country.

Students are taught by two teachers over 12 periods per fortnight and also have a weekly conversation class with a French native speaker. Every two years students have the opportunity to participate in a language and cultural trip to Paris.