Sixth Economics



Economics is about the world’s scarce resources and how we allocate them. We study this at a microeconomic level, such as the issues of a sugar tax and the merits of tuition fees, as well as a macroeconomic level, covering the UK and global economy.

During the course we use economic theory to understand current local, national and global issues. Given the current uncertainties with Brexit, the rising threat of climate change and a Trump, there has never been a better time to study the subject. 

“I always had an instinctive desire to work in finance, I liked the idea of working in a hugely important industry with the scope to do many different roles within it. BMS allowed me to be curious and identify what I enjoyed the most. I believe BMS gives everyone the opportunity to be well rounded both academically and in extra-curricular areas, something that all employers really look for”

OBM Robbie Hyde, Associate at Coutts & Co.

Economics is part of the Politics, Philosophy, Economics and Business (PPE) Faculty and is offered at A-level. Economics students will be following the new linear A-level, specifically Edexcel Economics (A) specification. The Economics course is enriched by a range of activities including: Economics Society, a student run magazine, entry to national essay competitions and a fully stocked Economics reference library.