Sixth Computer Science

Computer Science

Bedford Modern School offers AQA Computer Science at A Level. 

The course brings together an exciting mix of practical and theoretical Computing which will appeal to students with a creative approach to IT and problem solving. 

There is a strong element of programming, which in year 12 will be in languages such as Python and C#, and the theory topics are taught through the writing of programs to put the concepts into practice. In the second year there is a substantial project, which can be done in any language or platform. In the past pupils have made iPhone Apps, interactive websites, search engines and educational games.

As well as teaching Computer Science itself, the course build self confidence in the students by giving them the opportunity to design their own solutions to problems and find out themselves how to program them, and the satisfaction of making a useful and working product. As well as appealing to students wishing to go on to study Computer Science at university, the course will also benefit students aiming to pursue a career in business, giving them a deeper understanding of how IT systems can be designed, created and used.