Sixth Business


Business is part of the PPE Faculty. It is a Sixth Form Subject only and is offered as a two year linear A level. We follow the AQA specification. Students three two hour papers at the end of Year 2.

We follow the AQA specification which, based upon some independent research of a selection of top Russell Group universities, was viewed as being the preferred choice for institutions such as Warwick, York and Durham University due to its academic rigor and subject content. The A level course will provided students with the key competencies and knowledge to pursue a career in management. The focus is upon both long term strategic and medium term tactical decision making and the impact of the external environment on business.

We complement the study of Business with a wider approach involving independent research and presentations by the students to allow them to implement skills they will need both at university and in the business world. Students within the department will visit a business, have the opportunity to compete in relevant competitions and attend a revision conference.

The Department consists of three experienced teachers, one of whom is currently an AQA examiner. Students will also have the opportunity to subscribe to Business Review magazine as well as access to the PPE library.