Sixth Biology


The A Level curriculum is designed to challenge our students and develop core knowledge and understanding, practical skills and a broad interest in the living world, not limited to the WJEC specification.

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The AS course consists of three modules, two of which are examined in June with the other being coursework carried out throughout the year. In Unit 1, students cover topics including Cell Structure and Organisation, the Chemistry of Biological Molecules and Enzymes and their applications in Industry. Unit 2 includes topics on how organisms are related through their evolutionary history and strategies for gas exchange, circulation, nutrition and mass transport.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my school days. BMS gave me a love of choral music and sport, opportunities of leadership, many lifelong friendships, and a passion for the natural sciences which shaped my career.”

OBM Dr Vaughan Southgate, Parasitologist

The A2 course has a similar structure to the AS, but with the first unit being examined in January. Unit 4 covers the Biochemistry of Respiration and Photosynthesis, Microbiology, Homeostasis and the Nervous System, whereas Unit 5 covers the topics of Molecular and Population Genetics, applied Ecology, Variation and Evolution and Sexual Reproduction in animals and plants.