The Art department offers the Edexcel GCE in Art and Design at AS and A2 Level. The AS course encourages students to develop their own ideas and styles using a varied range of 2D and 3D media.

Students are given an initial starting point from which they can develop their own ideas through a selection of workshops which focus on drawing, painting, printing and 3D work. Students will then extend their initial experimentation in one of these areas to produce design ideas for a final outcome.

The A2 course aims to build upon skills learnt at AS level. Students chose their own starting point and develop their work using media which they have found to be successful and enjoyable to work with at AS. With the support of departmental staff students will experiment and develop their ideas leading to a refined final outcome. Contextual research is explored in the form of a written Personal Investigation unit.

At both AS and A Level, trips to galleries are offered to support the contextual research within projects as well artists in residence days. Click here to read a review of the 2015 Art Trip to Berlin.

Life drawing is a compulsory element of both courses and is offered after school every Tuesday in the autumn term.

At AS and A Level the year culminates in an exhibition where all students present their work to celebrate their achievements.

AS and A2

  • Develop your skills and style
  • Drawing, painting, printing and 3D work
  • Selection of workshops
  • Trips to extend learning
  • Experiement and explore
  • Independence in working
  • Traditional and contemporary working methods

Please click here to view the Modern Arts brochure where details of forthcoming events can be found.