2015 marks fifteen years of Spanish in the curriculum at BMS. Pupils enjoy their Spanish language studies and learn a lot about Spain and over 20 Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish is a beautiful language and it is spoken by more than 450 million people in the world, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and by over 30 million American citizens.

Years 7 – 9

All students study Spanish in Year 7 along with French and German. Our course for younger pupils is Mira Express which allows them to learn to describe themselves, family, school, food, lifestyle, leisure, holidays and health issues as a few examples.

Students use the digital language laboratory to assist their languages learning and access helpful websites.

There is a bi-annual cultural and linguistic trip to Spain.


AQA exam board and assessments.

Digital Language Laboratory sessions are timetabled once a cycle and all students have access to the kerboodle website.

The Onatti play in Spanish performs to students bi-annually.

We have two modern language assistants from Spain and South America who spend at least one session per cycle with the students.

There is an annual work experience programme to Rosas in Spain for Year 12 and 13 students.