History Senior


History is compulsory during the first three years of the Senior School and is taught as an autonomous subject within mixed ability groups.

Years 7 – 9

Students in Years 7 and 8 cover units on Medieval Realms (including a depth study on the Crusades), the Making of the UK 1603-c.1666 and the Impact of the British Empire.  In Year 9, units on Britain and the Great War and the USA c.1890-1941 are studied.

This range of topics allows students to experience medieval, early modern and modern history thereby enabling them to make an informed choice for Years 10 and 11, and to have studied a wide range of themes and periods even if they then cease to study the subject.


History is a popular option.  The course followed is CIE IGCSE History, concentrating on Twentieth Century History.

Component 1:

  • Content:
  • International Relations 1919-39
  • Germany, 1918-45
  • Assessment:
  • Written Paper- 2 hours (40% of total mark)
  • Questions take the form of structured essays split into 3 parts

Component 2:

  • Content:
  • One of six International Relations topics for the Twentieth Century (1919-2000) but this changes each year as prescribed by CIE
  • Assessment:
  • Written Paper- 2 hours (33% of total mark)
  • Six source-based questions 

Component 3:

  • Coursework (27% of total mark)
  • Candidates produce one piece of extended writing (2000 words maximum) arising from their study of Germany, 1918-45
  • Assessed internally, but moderated by CIE